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Walk-In Closet Makeover: From Plain and Uninspired to Glam and Organized

I have had plans to decorate our master bedroom walk-in closet since we moved into our house over four years ago.  Unfortunately it kept slipping down the priority list of décor projects until recently.  Though it is technically a walk-in closet, it is not huge (especially considering how much clothing and shoes I have), and my poor husband’s stuff is confined to a measly fourth of the space.  Since it is on the smaller side, effective organization was going to be key to this closet project. 

Here is the closet before the makeover:


I have a lot of necklaces, and before the makeover I had them hanging from nails (classy, I know, but it did the job for a while).  The lighting left something to be desired, the walls were plain and white, and I had a Rubbermaid bin sitting in there for some additional storage.

Here’s what we did:

First, we painted the walls.  It is good to have a brighter color in your closets so that you can see the color of your clothes and accessories better when choosing outfits.  We decided on Glidden's Pacific Coast Blue.  Since the space was not huge, the painting project didn’t take very long.  We left the built-in shelving white for a nice contrast.

We changed out the builder-grade ceiling lights for Soder pendants from Ikea to add a bit of chic to the closet.  You may recall that I also have a chandelier in my laundry room, so there is not much limit to spaces you can chic-up if you want.  While I liked the Soder lamps, they were a bit childish for my taste as they have clear floral beads.  I removed them prior to hanging for a sleeker look.  When choosing lighting for your closet, it is important to use bright white lights so that you can accurately see the color of your clothes and accessories.

The old closet lights

Soder lamp before...

...Soder lamp after

For organization, first we replaced this Rubbermaid bin with something that still provided storage but was more decorative.  We opted for this gray Threshold Tufted Storage Ottoman from Target.  Much improved from the plastic bin, and it acts as a great bench to sit on while buckling shoes.

Our old storage option

New storage ottoman bench

Next I added Ikea Blecka hooks to hang belts.  I also used a few more hooks along with the handle part of these Ikea Lansa handles to create little rails to hang sunglasses.

My favorite part of the new closet is how I have organized my necklaces.  No more crudely hung nails with 2-5 necklaces tangling each other.   I got some Ikea Fintorp rails and used S hooks to hold each necklace.  I was amazed how many necklaces fit together this way but in a way that allows me to still see each one when I am choosing accessories to wear.  I actually accommodated about 110 necklaces in a very small area!  For me, it is important to be able to see all my necklaces when choosing, otherwise I can forget about some of the options.

We capped this section of the wall off with a decorative mirror (placed at face-height when in heels) from At Home.  This way I can easily see how a necklace may look with my top without leaving the closet. 

Finally, we got some gray and white box sets from Ikea (I chose this and this) to organize misc. things like silk scarves and other loose accessories, and some over-the-door hooks to hang purses on the inside of the closet door. 

We had already changed out all mismatched plastic hangers for matching wooden hangers.  I recommend this if you are trying to go for a sharp look to your closet.  You can find great prices on wooden hanger sets at Ikea in a few different color options.  Since we had to clear the closet to paint it, we also took the opportunity to purge some clothes, shoes, and accessories, and also put everything back in a more organized way.  This, along with the new pleasing look of the closet has made me very happy!  I now can't resist smiling every time I go into the closet. 

Voila, a closet re-organized on a budget using some DIY elbow grease and supplies from Ikea and Target.  If you like this, you should also check out our organized pantry.  I hope this inspires your own closet makeover and organization project!  If so, let me know in the comments, or hit @fabeverydayblog up on social media.


MakersKit #SelfieKit – DIY fun for a girl’s night out or bachelorette party

Disclaimer: I received a #SelfieKit from MakersKit for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own.  I was not financially compensated for this post.
Is it just me, or are selfie sticks everywhere?  I can’t even count how many we saw during our recent trip abroad.  As much as I am sure we all like to joke about them, I’m not gonna lie, I kind of wanted one.  I had the perfect reason to try one out recently, too.  One of my best friends is getting married in a few months, and a group of 20 girls converged upon San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter.  20 girls together on the town = lots of opportunities for selfies.
MakersKit is a company that caters to DIYers (both the dabbler and the hardcore alike).  For the dabbler, they sell various kits that basically give you what you need to take on various DIY projects, but without needing much creativity (or scouring craft stores for supplies).  Many of their projects are perfect for DIY gifts, like a Fresh Herb Garden Experience and Gents Experience Box for example.  MakersKit was kind enough to send me a #SelfieKit to review, and another as a gift for our beautiful bride-to-be.
The kit, which comes boxed and gift-ready, included a telescopic selfie stick, a Bluetooth phone camera remote, and cardboard cutouts with sticks and adhesive (more on this last part below).  The selfie stick was a good quality and securely held my iPhone 6 even with my vanity case.  The part that holds the phone rotates and tilts to different angles, but only holds the phone landscape style.  The Bluetooth remote was super easy to pair with my phone, and doesn’t require any special apps.  Clicking the button works directly with the iPhone photo app, whether the phone camera is forward or backwards facing. 
Now here is where the DIY comes in: the kit came with a few pieces of cardboard that had things like moustaches, glasses and a pipe.  You have to cut them out yourself, then you attach them to the popsicle sticks with included adhesive dots.  In just a few steps you have some DIY “photobooth” style props to use along with your selfie shenanigans. 
I also bought some additiona "photobooth" signs from Party City
Too much fun!
This really was perfect for the bachelorette weekend, for both a fun gift or the bride, and also a fun prop for our weekend fun.  You can get your MakersKit #SelfieKit here.


Three Ways to Style a Crop Tank Top

Disclaimer: I received a tank top from Zazzle for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

For those of you that don't know, Zazzle is a website which, among other things, allows you to create personalized products of all types.  They recently created a look book for their collection of tank top styles to inspire outfits using flowy, racerback, basic, workout, crop, muscle, and spaghetti style tanks.  I loved the Bella Flowy Cropped Tank Top, so decided to create a customized one with my #FabEveryday hashtag.  Because. 

When I got my new (very comfy and cute) tank, I experimented with a few different ways to wear it.  Today I am sharing three ideas for styling a crop tank top.

1. Bohemian Casual:

Customized Women's Bella Flowy Cropped Tank Top (Zazzle), Smocked Palazzo Pants (Forever 21), Ray Ban sunglasses.

My layering piece: One Eleven Caged Back Bralette (Express).
2. Rocker Chic:

Customized Women's Bella Flowy Cropped Tank Top (Zazzle), High Waisted Jean Legging (Express), Classic Straw Fedora (Forever 21), booties (JustFab).  If you're not a member of JustFab yet, click here to join (disclosure: this is an affiliate link, which means I receive commission from JustFab if you sign-up using the link)!

A closer look at the shoes (sorry for the back-lighting!).
3. Polished Preppy:

Customized Women's Bella Flowy Cropped Tank Top (Zazzle), High Yoke Waist Studio Stretch Midi Pencil Skirt (Express), Aldo Glevia Sandal (DSW).

The cool thing about Zazzle and their tank collection is that you can choose from plain, solid color tanks (in multiple styles), pre-designed graphic tanks, or a custom design of your own.  Too fun!

What would you make if you made yourself a customized tank top?


Travel Tuesday: Istanbul Street Food

One of the ways I like to experience a new culture is through its food.  I am also a particularly big fan of street food, and tend to seek it out during my travels.  Not only is it often some of the best food I have during a trip, but it's always a much more cost-effective food option than sitting at a restaurant.  Istanbul, Turkey was ripe with street food options.  Naturally I had to try as many as possible to share with my readers.  It's a big responsibility, I know.

Here are some of the highlights, which I recommend you seeking out during a visit to "the city of the world's desire."

1) Wet Burger.  OMG.  Definitely my favorite street food in Istanbul.  A strong contender for my favorite street food ever.  I may have had three of them in one night.  The most famous wet burger is from the Kizilkayalar stand in Taksim Square. It's like a cheeseburger (but with a patty that tastes more like sausage) that has been dipped into a tomato broth. Imagine the texture of a French dip sandwich, but with a flavor combo you've never tried. 
I may have had a few drinks around Taksim before going back for my third wet burger...
2) Kumpir.  Another treat after a night on the town is kumpir.  It's a large baked potato with the inside mashed and mixed with butter and cream, then filled with whatever you want. They have a buffet of toppings that range from the traditional to the more unique (olives, couscous, even hot dogs). 

3) Doner Kebab Wrap.  It may sound like a cliché, but it's a must to have some doner kebab.  Get it in wrap form.  According to one of my travel idols, Anthony Bourdain, the best in Istanbul is at Durumzade.  I never did get there, but found a lot of great options around the old city of Istanbul.

4) Simit. Great for breakfast or a snack, simit is like a cross between a bagel and a pretzel, but a little sweeter and with toasted sesame.  You can eat it with jam, or like I did, with a Nutella type of spread.  Yum.  You will see vendors selling this all over Istanbul.
Just munchin' on my simit in front of the Blue Mosque.

5) Ice Cream and Dondurma.  Don't you agree that ice cream and ice cream-like treats are way better in Europe than in the US?  So dense (less ice and air), and so much more flavor!  Ice cream in Turkey is no exception.  The berry-flavored ice creams were rich and gelato-like in flavor and texture. 
Then the dondurma.  The vendors stretch and pack the ice cream for you with the dramatic flair of a show before handing you your own flavor-packed scoop.  My mouth is watering as I remember how good this was!

6) Turkish Coffee.  OK, this one is difficult to classify as street food, but since it was readily available at patio cafes, I am including it.  Also just because it is awesome.  I don't care how strong you drink your espresso, Turkish coffee is the strongest coffee you'll have ever had.  It is unfiltered, thick and rich, with a flavor that is oh-so-good.  Note the sediment at the bottom of the empty cup below (you do not drink the unfiltered grounds at the bottom, BTW).
Stay tuned for more reviews and details from my time in Istanbul in next week's Travel Tuesday post.