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Three Ways to Style Your Yard with a Hammock

Disclosure: I received a hammock from Designed for Outdoors for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience using the product.  I was not financially compensated for this post.
This is my favorite time of year in Central Texas.  The weather is warm (but not humid yet), the grass and trees are green, the flowers are blooming, and the skies are blue.  Not coincidently, this is my favorite time of year to be outdoors and enjoy my yard.  Since we bought our home four years ago, we have been slowly and steadily customizing our backyard space to make it our own little oasis.  One of our first projects was our hanging potted herb garden.  Last spring we added this DIY cinder block garden bench under the shade of our beautiful Texas Live Oak trees.  What's always felt missing beneath the oaks is a hammock to lounge on and enjoy our greenbelt view while the boys play in the yard.
I recently had the opportunity to review a hammock from Designed for Outdoors.  They have a huge selection for all needs and style tastes (along with a lot of other outdoor furniture and décor accessories).  I chose the Single Layer Fabric Hammock in Trellis Quartz.  How fabulous is this detail?
The single layer fabric (as opposed to the quilted option, which is also available at seems perfect for a warm-weather climate like mine, yet still feels very sturdy.  It's also been put through some heavy rain and windstorms since I have had it, and it doesn't appear to be any worse for the wear.  Thank goodness, as I think a hammock should be an investment piece to enjoy in your yard for years to come.
At first, I wasn't sure what to do with it in the yard, style and décor-wise.  I knew that I enjoyed relaxing on it for sure, especially since we can gaze out into the massive greenbelt behind our house while lying in it.  In the photo above, you can also see the Taupe Metal Hammock Stand we got with it (we decided on that instead of the tree hanging kit so we could have the option to move it around the yard).  Designed for Outdoors has several different metal and wood hammock stand options.
My boys also love lying on it with me, as you can see!  Solo relaxation doesn't last very long when you have two little cuddle-buddies like I do.
Now that I've had a month to enjoy it, we are experimenting with ways to style our yard décor along with the hammock.  We have come up with three different looks, which I am sharing here to help you with your own outdoor décor inspiration. 
Calming Chic

In this simple styling of our Single Layer Fabric Hammock in Trellis Quartz, we paired the hammock with a light blue lattice-cutout outdoor side-table from At Home.  Blue and gray damask outdoor pillows, throw blanket, and vase also from At Home.  Designed for Outdoors also carries a big selection of pretty outdoor throw pillows.

This is an ideal way to comfortably chill on your hammock with your copy of Vogue, and have a place to set your latte.

Cozy Casual

In this styling, we used the same light and cozy ombre throw blanket from At Home with the pretty hammock from Designed for Outdoors.  I also got a white outdoor side table, outdoor throw pillows in yellow swirls and gray chevron stripes, and vase from At Home.  The lemonade pitcher is from Crate & Barrel (no longer available, but you can find similar options here).

Doesn't this just make you want to curl up with a good book, enjoying the spring warmth with a cool beverage?

Rustic Romantic

The spring days aren't the only time we can enjoy our Designed for Outdoors hammock... We decided to create a romantic oasis under the limbs of our Texas Live Oaks.  We got a rustic/contemporary side-table, string lights, a furry throw blanket, and pretty throw pillows from At Home to complete the look.  The champagne flute is the beautiful Edge Champagne Glass from Crate & Barrel.

What's your favorite?  Comment below, or hit @fabeverydayblog up on social media to let me know!  Don't forget to check out Designed for Outdoors to get a fab hammock of your own!


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Wow! Such beautiful photos. Since we've arrived in Calgary I've appreciated the tips and suggestions that I've found on your blog. Thanks! best-hammock

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