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DIY Car-Themed Kids Valentine Idea + Free Printable


My kiddos still love anything with wheels.  They also love mini doughnuts.  Put these two ideas together and we came up with our DIY Valentine for them to give out to their school friends!  Using an idea we already used for one of the snacks at Grayson's Disney Cars-Themed Birthday Party, we decided to give their friends "spare tires" (a pair of chocolate mini doughnuts) for Valentine's Day this year. 

I created a label that we printed on cardstock using a car-themed font and some tire-treads graphics.  There are a few cute car-themed Valentines puns ("You 'Auto' Be Mine," "You Drive Me Crazy," "You Really Rev My Engine," "You Make My Heart Race," etc.), but we went with "I 'Wheelie' Like You" since it seemed to fit best with our "spare tires."  Click here for the free printable label (size of each label is 4" wide x 5" tall unfolded, and 4" wide x 2.5" tall when folded).

We put two mini doughnuts in these small clear favor bags from Party City.  We had to cut a few inches off the top, but then stapled the label onto the bags to seal shut.  We placed the staples over the bottom strip of tire treads so you couldn't really see the staples from the front.

Here is how they look from the back.
Enjoy the free printable, and don't forget to pin and share if you are inspired!