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Travel Tuesday: Easy Sedona Hike for Families with Children

We just drove through Sedona, Arizona on our most recent family road trip.  Sedona is truly one of my favorite places on earth.  I have seen some beautiful parts of the world, and Sedona ranks among the top.  Since this was my first time through Sedona since having kids, I wanted to experience some of the beauty with them, so I looked for a hike that we could all do together.  I found a great option: the Boynton Vista Trail at Boynton Canyon.  The hike is about 1/2 each way (1 mile round-trip) without too much elevation, and a nice, smooth walking surface.  Even with it's ease, you end up with beautiful views of the canyon and valley, impressive red rock formations, and a visit to one of Sedona's four main energy vortexes.  Click here for more information and a description for how to get to this specific trail.  For more information on the vortex, click here.

We were really fortunate that it was such a beautiful day - warm enough with clear blue skies.  There was still snow on the ground at the lower part of the trail, but it didn't cause us any problems.  In fact, the kids loved it!

As you can see, the terrain wasn't too much for our 5-year-old to handle. 

At the very end of the trail you do have to climb up the rocks just a little.  My 5-year-old could do it on his own, but my husband decided to carry our 2-year-old at this point.  It was such a short distance that it wasn't a problem to carry him at the end.

Here is one of the beautiful rock formations at the top.  This rock formation is called the Kachina Woman (feminine), and is part of the vortex site.  It is balanced by a formation called the Knoll (masculine) across from it.  Many people like to meditate with one of the rock formations, or between them where the energy is balanced. 

G got a kick out of the whole vortex thing, and said he could feel the energy absorbing into him when we touched the rocks (I think he compared it to something like a super hero getting super powers). Here we are doing a selfie in front of the Kachina Woman. 

Here is the Knoll rock on the opposite side.  Beautiful, no?

Another angle of the same rock, with absolutely no Photoshopping or filtering.  Just gorgeous.

Here we are on the way back down.  As you can see in the background, someone was even wearing their baby on this hike.  That should give you an idea of how mellow a hike it is.  I look forward to trying some more next time.  We wanted to see the petroglyphs and some Indian ruins (both hikes were 1/2 to 1 mile), but both of those were closed the day we were there due to the snow.

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