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Despicable Me Minion 5th Birthday Party

I can't believe this is the FIFTH birthday party I have planned for G!  Where in the heck have these last five years gone?  My baby boy is not so much of a baby any more.
As you may recall from our Halloween costumes this year, the kiddos are quite into Despicable Me and minions right now.  G decided on a minion-themed party this year.  Here are the photos and details from the party.  You can also see my minion party inspiration board on Pinterest here
I saw a sign like this on Pinterest that was a play on a quote from the first Despicable Me movie, so recreated it using clip-art.  This was on our front window at the party entrance.
I made this banner from an awesome free printable at One Craft Short of Crazy (click here for the printable).  I used LasVegas Jackpot font for the lettering (it's the closest free font to the one used in the Despicable Me movie title treatment).
Yellow balloons with royal blue and yellow streamers made for some colorful party décor.
The minion theme was pretty easy to work with - you can put eyes on pretty much anything yellow!
Eyes on yellow cups from Party City and a pitcher of lemonade.
I loved this idea from Kara's Party Ideas, so I recreated it.
When planning a minion party, you will discover all sorts of things that are shaped like minions to incorporate.  Twinkies were perfect... but note that these are not Twinkie brand (they are generic). Hostess Twinkies have red logos all over the wrapper, and wouldn't have looked as good as these Safeway brand snack cakes with plain plastic packaging.  For the eyes and overalls, I printed these clip-art components onto clear printing labels and cut them.  Pretty easy, and everyone loved them!
For the cupcakes I kept it simple this year and did not make my own toppers.  I did cupcakes with yellow frosting and topped some of them with these cute minion fondant cupcake toppers from Etsy.
Minions love bananas.  Everyone knows this. So I made some banana pudding shooters using plastic shooter cups from Party City and more minion printable clip-art found online.
After seeing a cute idea similar to this online, I designed some "Thanks a Minion!" candy wrappers for giveaways to coordinate with the other party stationery.
Another simple dessert idea: put some eyeballs on top of single-serving applesauce cups.
To match the minions' blue overalls, I chose to use royal blue for most of the serving bowls, picking up different pieces from Party City, the dollar store, and my local HEB grocery store.
For snacks, I tried to find foods that were minion-shaped.  I found a lot of great options at Costco.  We settled on fried cheese sticks, egg rolls, and pretzel dogs (plus all of the desserts).
I am so fortunate that a good friend offered to make us a minion piñata.  This was not only a fun activity for the kids, but it also made for great party centerpiece décor.
Another activity was the "Build a Minion" station where kids could make their own minions using empty toilet paper rolls.  Click here for my blog post with step-by-step instructions on prepping and doing this craft.
The kids created some really cute minions!
Yellow party favor bags from Party City with printable clip-art minion eyes attached.
Favor bags were filled with these minion goodies, all from Party City: goggles, yellow candy with minion eyes (jelly beans and lollipops), yellow bubbles with minion eyes, minion puzzle eraser, stickers and temporary tattoos.
To add to the ambiance, the whole fam found minion shirts at Wal-Mart (each was around or under $10!):
Instead of making a party music playlist this time, we had the two Despicable Me movies playing in the background. 

Edited to add: All printables for the party are available in this post here.  These printables are free, but I would appreciate a follow for @fabeverydayblog on social media (you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat with that username) in return.  If you post pictures of your parties, tag @fabeverydayblog in them so we can see what you do!  Finally, if you blog about your party, please link back to in your blog posts to credit the printables and inspiration.
 There you have it!  Next up will be my dad's 70th birthday party in a few weeks, then S's 3rd birthday in April.
Don't forget to pin and share if you are inspired!


Kim Greer said...

Where did you get the clipart for the sign?

ramonaruby said...

Kim, I found them on Google Images. I looked for ones that were larger in size and higher resolution so they would look well when printed.

Brandy Strickland said...

Where did you get the eyeball stickers for the applesauce?

ramonaruby said...

Brandy- I made them myself! I printed minion eye clipart found online onto Avery printable labels then cut them out with a circle cutter.

Stephanie Vingerhoeds said...

Would you be able to share your Party Rules sign and your Build a Minion sign?

ramonaruby said...

@Stephanie - email me at :)

Stephen Devore said...

I would also like to get the Party Rules sign & Build A Minion sign. Is there anyway I would be able to get that from you? Could you please email me back at

Michelle Jaromamay said...

I love everything abput your despicable me party! If you don't mind sharing, can you please share your party rules sign. Thanks in advance. My email add by the way is :-)

Michelle Jaromamay said...

I love everything abput your despicable me party! If you don't mind sharing, can you please share your party rules sign. Thanks in advance. My email add by the way is :-)

Jack Howard said...

What fonts did you use for your Party Rules sign? Many thanks!

ramonaruby said...

@Jack Howard - the orange font is LasVegas Jackpot.

ramonaruby said...

I have been getting a lot of requests for a few of the party printables, so I went ahead and posted links to download them directly on this blog post here:

If you use any or are otherwise inspired, I'd appreciate a follow and/or shout out for @fabeverydayblog on social media!

MandixLynn said...
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ramonaruby said...

@MandixLynn - you can find all the printables here: