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Product Review: Spicy Shelf Space-Saving Cabinet Spice Organizer

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

I only share my product reviews and Friday Faves for products that I truly love, and find useful to me in my everyday life.  So when I had the opportunity to try a product that would solve another actual everyday problem I have, I jumped at the chance. 

You all know that I cook.  A lot.  So naturally, I have quite a collection of spices in my cabinet.  The problem is that their organization was totally lacking function (see details on my spice situation below).  In came Spicy Shelf, a spice organizer that not only saves space, but allows you to see and access all of your spices.

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Here's my full review.

The before:

Here is how I had my spices organized before.  The top shelf actually had no organization to speak of.  The bottom shelf consisted of my DIY organization tactic using canned good organizing racks.  This was not effective at all, I am sorry to say.  While it did allow me to see most of the spices, it did not do much on saving space, and worse, it was not secure at all.

Spices would not sit steadily on these racks, and would often fall out onto my counter, causing broken lids and spilled spices.  Not to mention my need to stack the small ones in order to accommodate everything space-wise.

The set of Spicy Shelf I received came with two racks that could be stacked or placed side-by-side.  Assembly and installation took maybe 5 minutes.

You have multiple options in both height and width.  With the two racks I received, I was surprised to find that I could fit almost everything from both shelves (including the contents of all racks that were on the bottom shelf). 

Here is my new, organized spice cabinet thanks to Spicy Shelf:

The width of my cabinet was too large to extend a single shelf the full way, and I didn't want to try the side-by-side method (I wanted to stack them). Even without the rack reaching both side cabinet walls, it is very, very secure (I even tried shaking and jiggling it to see if spices would fall off the racks, and they did not).

Here you can see how all the spices along the sides and back of the rack are visible and accessible.

One drawback is that the tallest of my spices did not fun under the rack at it's highest (though you can put them on your top rack if there is space).  Since I still had a few more spices than rack space would accommodate, I decided to just keep these in the very middle of the cabinet between the shelf (which is fine, since these are my most frequently accessed spices anyway, hence why I purchase them in such large sizes). 
As I mentioned above, the shelves come with multiple sizes of stabilizers for different shelve widths, extra legs of each size, and instructions that include options for multiple heights and configurations. Even with all of the options, it took only minutes to assemble and install.

Weeks of use later with daily use, I am still very pleased with Spicy Shelf.  I love seeing and being able to easily grab everything.  The stability is great; I haven't had a single spice fall off the rack.  I would happily recommend this solution to others, and can't believe I went so long without a solution like this.

If you want a Spicy Shelf of your own, get yours here, and don't forget to use the discount code SPICE5 (with a "5" not an "S") for Everyday Fabulous readers to get $5 off!

Thank you, Spicy Shelf for providing this product for my review.

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