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Organized Costume Closet

Our boys, like all other kids, love to play dress-up.  We have kept their dress-up costumes in a built-in cabinet in our living room, but without any organization, it was becoming a messy pile of costumes shoved into a cabinet. 
My latest home DIY project was to create a cute, organized space in the costume cabinet so that the boys could easily access their costumes, and have a place to put everything when it is time to clean up.  This was a relatively quick project, just taking an afternoon.
What I used:
Devine Color self-adhesive striped wallpaper and a media organization box from Target. Small tension rod, rod socket, and hooks from Home Depot.
I measured and cut the wallpaper to size before applying it inside the cabinet.  Luckily the wallpaper is repositionable, because it took me several tries to get it straight.

After installing the wallpaper, I added the metal rod socket (to support the tension rod - key with two kids who will be not-so-gently tugging on the costumes hanging on the rod), tension rod, and hooks.

I used the box to hold small accessories, belts, and other items that did not fit on the hangers or hooks.

I hung hats on the hooks, and shirts and full costumes on hangers.

 Now the boys have a cute and organized space for their dress-up clothes!

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