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Create a Kids' Dress-Up Closet on a Budget

Last week I showed you how I put together our cute, organized costume closet.  This week I want to share how you can put together a kid's dress-up closet on a budget.
Tip 1: Thrift Store Shopping. 
You'd be surprised how many things you can find at the thrift store for dress-up play.  The kids have such great imaginations, that possibilities are endless.  Above, you can see the pieces we found to make a Woody costume (or cowboy, sheriff, etc.).
This winter jacket and boots have been a space man, Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man, Batman, and more.  The boots have even contributed to Puss in Boots.
Sports pieces and toys from the thrift store can also be costume pieces.  In addition to being a baseball player, the red batting helmet can also be Iron Man's helmet.  We have also picked up jerseys there.
Tip 2: Dollar Store Shopping.

The toy section of the dollar store (especially at our local Dollar Tree) has a lot of items and accessories for your dress-up collection.  The selection gets even better around Halloween.


Tip 3: Save Party Favors and Old Costume Accessories.

Many party favors can be saved for costume pieces.  Above is a dinosaur mask from Sawyer's dinosaur-themed birthday party.

Another tip is to save the accessories from past year's Halloween costumes.
Tip 4: After Halloween Sales.
 In addition to saving your old Halloween costumes and accessories, don't forget that retailers put costumes on close-out sales after Halloween.  This is a great time to stock up at a fraction of the price.
Let their imaginations run wild!

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