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Friday Faves: New Recipe Favorites

Here's the final round-up of my new recipe "keepers." Last week I shared my new favorite fish recipes, and before that I shared my new favorite salad recipes.  Today I am sharing a bunch of others, including some for chicken, beef, and even a meatless recipe.  Don't forget to follow Fab Everyday on Facebook for your nightly recipe inspiration with my #DinnerTonight posts.

Chicken with Artichokes and Sundried Tomatoes

Image source:

This was soooo good.  As we are controlling our portion sizes, we did not toss this with the pasta, and instead measured out 1/2 cup of the angel hair apiece, then topped with lots of the other yummy ingredients.  Get the recipe on Allrecipes.

Restaurant-Style Chicken Scampi

This is a lovely, colorful dish with lots of veggies.  Like the above recipe, I served this with angel hair (instead of spaghetti) and limited the portion-size of the pasta to 1/2 cup each.  I also used this homemade alfredo sauce recipe instead of jarred sauce.  Get the recipes on Allrecipes.

Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken

Fuss-free and delicious.  Serve as a taco in tortillas with sour cream, salsa, and cheese.  Get the recipe on Allrecipes.

Restaurant Style Beef with Broccoli

No joke, this is as good (or better) than what you'd get for take-out.  Yum.  Get the recipe on Allrecipes.

Black Bean and Salsa Soup

Quick, easy, and hearty meatless dish.  Cumin is key, and I also add garlic powder.  Get the recipe on Allrecipes.

Jerk Chicken Casserole

If you are looking for something different, you must try this!  I added cumin and garlic powder to the layer of black beans.  Get the recipe on Betty Crocker.

Grilled Cheese Italiano

This has become a regular request in our household. Great way to step-up your weekend lunch.  Get the recipe on Betty Crocker.


Create a Kids' Dress-Up Closet on a Budget

Last week I showed you how I put together our cute, organized costume closet.  This week I want to share how you can put together a kid's dress-up closet on a budget.
Tip 1: Thrift Store Shopping. 
You'd be surprised how many things you can find at the thrift store for dress-up play.  The kids have such great imaginations, that possibilities are endless.  Above, you can see the pieces we found to make a Woody costume (or cowboy, sheriff, etc.).
This winter jacket and boots have been a space man, Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man, Batman, and more.  The boots have even contributed to Puss in Boots.
Sports pieces and toys from the thrift store can also be costume pieces.  In addition to being a baseball player, the red batting helmet can also be Iron Man's helmet.  We have also picked up jerseys there.
Tip 2: Dollar Store Shopping.

The toy section of the dollar store (especially at our local Dollar Tree) has a lot of items and accessories for your dress-up collection.  The selection gets even better around Halloween.


Tip 3: Save Party Favors and Old Costume Accessories.

Many party favors can be saved for costume pieces.  Above is a dinosaur mask from Sawyer's dinosaur-themed birthday party.

Another tip is to save the accessories from past year's Halloween costumes.
Tip 4: After Halloween Sales.
 In addition to saving your old Halloween costumes and accessories, don't forget that retailers put costumes on close-out sales after Halloween.  This is a great time to stock up at a fraction of the price.
Let their imaginations run wild!


Friday Faves: New Recipe Favorites - Fish

Continuing to round up my new recipe "keepers," here are some amazing, tried-and-true fish recipes we have found over the last few months.  Click here to see more of my favorite recipes, and don't forget to follow Fab Everyday on Facebook for your nightly recipe inspiration with my #DinnerTonight posts.

Baked Tilapia with Fresh Herbs

Light, quick, only a few ingredients, and majorly delicious.  This has earned itself a regular spot on our dinner rotation.  Get the recipe on Martha Stewart.

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan

A simple tilapia recipe using mostly ingredients you already have in your pantry.  Get the recipe from Allrecipes.

Jeannie's Kickin' Fried Fish

Another simple tilapia recipe, with just the right amount of kick and crunch.  Get the recipe on Allrecipes.


Organized Costume Closet

Our boys, like all other kids, love to play dress-up.  We have kept their dress-up costumes in a built-in cabinet in our living room, but without any organization, it was becoming a messy pile of costumes shoved into a cabinet. 
My latest home DIY project was to create a cute, organized space in the costume cabinet so that the boys could easily access their costumes, and have a place to put everything when it is time to clean up.  This was a relatively quick project, just taking an afternoon.
What I used:
Devine Color self-adhesive striped wallpaper and a media organization box from Target. Small tension rod, rod socket, and hooks from Home Depot.
I measured and cut the wallpaper to size before applying it inside the cabinet.  Luckily the wallpaper is repositionable, because it took me several tries to get it straight.

After installing the wallpaper, I added the metal rod socket (to support the tension rod - key with two kids who will be not-so-gently tugging on the costumes hanging on the rod), tension rod, and hooks.

I used the box to hold small accessories, belts, and other items that did not fit on the hangers or hooks.

I hung hats on the hooks, and shirts and full costumes on hangers.

 Now the boys have a cute and organized space for their dress-up clothes!


Friday Faves: New Recipe Favorites - Salads

If you follow Fab Everyday on Facebook, then you see how much I cook with my #DinnerTonight posts.  Since I cook for my family every night, I am always on the lookout for new recipes so we can keep things spicy (pun intended).  Over the last few months I have found several new recipe "keepers," and will share them here over the next few weeks.

Today, I want to share a few new salad recipe favorites that are tried and true in our house.

Grilled Steak Salad with Asian Dressing

This is a savory salad that includes a homemade Asian dressing and is topped with a grilled, marinated steak.  I added some soy sauce to the dressing as well (because that's how I roll).  Get the recipe on

Steak Salad with Goat Cheese

Image source:

This salad was seriously hearty... filled us up!  Get the recipe on Martha Stewart.

Chicken Salad with Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

Image source:

This is a delicious chicken salad recipe that includes bacon.  I served the chicken salad over romaine lettuce and added sliced avocado, so this is really a BLTA chicken salad.  Get the recipe on


Product Review: Spicy Shelf Space-Saving Cabinet Spice Organizer

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

I only share my product reviews and Friday Faves for products that I truly love, and find useful to me in my everyday life.  So when I had the opportunity to try a product that would solve another actual everyday problem I have, I jumped at the chance. 

You all know that I cook.  A lot.  So naturally, I have quite a collection of spices in my cabinet.  The problem is that their organization was totally lacking function (see details on my spice situation below).  In came Spicy Shelf, a spice organizer that not only saves space, but allows you to see and access all of your spices.

Guess what?  Everyday Fabulous readers can take advantage of a special discount on your own Spicy Shelf spice cabinet organizer!  Just go to and enter promo code SPICE5 (with a "5" not an "S") to get $5 off!

Here's my full review.

The before:

Here is how I had my spices organized before.  The top shelf actually had no organization to speak of.  The bottom shelf consisted of my DIY organization tactic using canned good organizing racks.  This was not effective at all, I am sorry to say.  While it did allow me to see most of the spices, it did not do much on saving space, and worse, it was not secure at all.

Spices would not sit steadily on these racks, and would often fall out onto my counter, causing broken lids and spilled spices.  Not to mention my need to stack the small ones in order to accommodate everything space-wise.

The set of Spicy Shelf I received came with two racks that could be stacked or placed side-by-side.  Assembly and installation took maybe 5 minutes.

You have multiple options in both height and width.  With the two racks I received, I was surprised to find that I could fit almost everything from both shelves (including the contents of all racks that were on the bottom shelf). 

Here is my new, organized spice cabinet thanks to Spicy Shelf:

The width of my cabinet was too large to extend a single shelf the full way, and I didn't want to try the side-by-side method (I wanted to stack them). Even without the rack reaching both side cabinet walls, it is very, very secure (I even tried shaking and jiggling it to see if spices would fall off the racks, and they did not).

Here you can see how all the spices along the sides and back of the rack are visible and accessible.

One drawback is that the tallest of my spices did not fun under the rack at it's highest (though you can put them on your top rack if there is space).  Since I still had a few more spices than rack space would accommodate, I decided to just keep these in the very middle of the cabinet between the shelf (which is fine, since these are my most frequently accessed spices anyway, hence why I purchase them in such large sizes). 
As I mentioned above, the shelves come with multiple sizes of stabilizers for different shelve widths, extra legs of each size, and instructions that include options for multiple heights and configurations. Even with all of the options, it took only minutes to assemble and install.

Weeks of use later with daily use, I am still very pleased with Spicy Shelf.  I love seeing and being able to easily grab everything.  The stability is great; I haven't had a single spice fall off the rack.  I would happily recommend this solution to others, and can't believe I went so long without a solution like this.

If you want a Spicy Shelf of your own, get yours here, and don't forget to use the discount code SPICE5 (with a "5" not an "S") for Everyday Fabulous readers to get $5 off!

Thank you, Spicy Shelf for providing this product for my review.