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DIY Fun Shape Crayons from Silicone Molds

We decided to go with a dinosaur theme for Sawyer's 2nd birthday (full planning photos and details coming to the blog soon).  As I was looking for options for the favor bags, I came across some really cute dinosaur crayons on Etsy.  Unfortunately, since I had to make 20 favor bags (and these weren't the only things in the bags) they weren't really in my budget... but I couldn't find anything that I liked as much that would be as practical of a gift and so fitting for the theme.  So, I decided to DIY (especially after having learned how easy - and with amazing results - using silicone ice cube trays for molds can be with these DIY candy cupcake toppers I made for my husband's birthday last year).  When party planning, I try to find a balance on what I am willing to pay for (for the convenience) vs. what I can make myself (to save money or to be able to fully customize it for my needs).  This is a case when I wanted it enough to make it, but not enough to kick the extra buck to just buy it and save myself the effort.  It was a pretty easy project, though it was time-consuming to make the amount of batches I needed for 20 favor bags with only one mold.  But it was fun, and I'd do it again!
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Probably the most time consuming part is the first step: unwrapping the crayons.  I then broke a few into a microwave-safe bowl, and microwaved (at regular temperature) in 30-60 second increments, stirring in between, until the crayons were fully melted.

I spooned the melted crayon wax into the molds, one shape at a time, then moved on to the next color.  No worry about dripping outside the molds, or even onto the counter, as the wax comes off really easily once it cools and hardens.
The key to keeping the bowl and spoon clean between colors was to wipe them out (I just used a paper towel) while the wax was still hot, and it would come right off.

After I had filled the mold, I put the tray in the freezer for 15 minutes so that the wax could fully harden.  When done, they pop right out of the molds easily, and are ready to go!

I ended up with sets that included 4 shapes in 4 different colors (so cute!)

I sealed each set up in a plastic treat bag with a twist tie (both of which can also be purchased in bulk from Amazon).

There you go!  Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy.

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