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Travel Tuesday: Family Travel Bucket List - US Edition

Last week we highlighted the international destinations in our Family Travel Bucket List, and this week we are following it up with our list of stateside destinations we must visit with our two boys.
1. Disneyworld
Growing up in California, I know and love Disneyland, and we took the boys there last year.  But we can't go a lifetime without a family trip to Disneyworld!
2. Fenway Park

Both Nik and I grew up loving baseball, and it is important to Nik to visit some of the nation's classic ballparks with our boys.
3. Grand Canyon

4. Hawaii

My grandparents lived in Hawaii, so I was fortunate enough to visit many times as a child.  Nik has never been, so we can't wait to take our boys.
5. New York City

A city Nik and I have visited several times, but also one that needs to be experienced by the boys.
6. San Francisco

See above.
7. Tombstone 
Nik and I LOVE Tombstone, and are eager to go back as a family.  I'm your huckleberry.
8. Washington D.C.

Our nation's capital is a must-see for any American family.
9. Wrigley Field

Another iconic park that Nik wants to go with our family - preferably to see the Cubs win!
10. Yellowstone

For a family that loves camping as much as ours, Yellowstone is the ultimate dream camping destination in the US for us.

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Papi Cruz said...

Hope your wishes come through.