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Travel Tuesday: Family Travel Bucket List - International Edition

If you read this blog, then you know that we love to travel.  The majority of my personal bucket list consists of places in the world that I want to, no, need to visit.  Many of these trips we have been saving until our boys were old enough to appreciate and absorb the experiences, as there are so many parts of the world that we want to experience with them.  We hope that by showing the boys the world, that we will instill in them the same love for travel, craving for adventure, and desire to experience other cultures that we have. 
We are excited that the time to start showing them the world is almost upon us.  In order to start planning these family adventures, we began compiling a list of our family's travel bucket list (places we want to visit specifically with our boys).  Here is our list of international destinations on our Family Travel Bucket List (US destinations on our list will be posted on the blog next week).
1. African Safari
2. Amazon
We have been to the Amazon ourselves (click here for more), and realized that this was a part of the world our boys needed to experience.
3. Athens

4. Australia

5. Egypt
6. Gorilla Tracking

We are intrigued by the options in the Bwindi National Park in Uganda.
7. Great Wall of China

8. Ireland

Our road trip through Ireland, especially the Ring of Kerry really got under our skin, so we need to go back with the boys.
9. Japan

My brother and his family live in Japan, and we have been saving our opportunity to visit them there for when the boys were old enough to enjoy not only time with their family, but everything the trip would have to offer by way of culture, food, and sights.
10. London

I haven't been back to the country of my birth since I was two (Sawyer's age now).
11. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is another place Nik and I have been in our travels that we feel compelled to return to with the boys.  Grayson talks about taking the train to Machu Picchu someday.
12. Northern Lights

We've had our eyes on this place, the Hotel Aurora (formerly Aurora Chalet) in Finland, as they provide guests with an "aurora alarm" that goes off when the lights are about to happen.
13. Paris

I haven't been to Paris since I was a toddler, and would love to go again with my own two munchkins.
14. Pompeii

15. Rome

16. Spain

Spain is another place Nik and I have visited that thoroughly got under our skin.  While it was great for a couple, we feel that it would also be great for our family.
17. Venice

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The future is only as good as what you make of the journey. Sieze the moment.