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Curb Appeal

From the small décor projects we have done over time, we know what a huge difference a coat of paint can make.  Spray painting an old builder-grade brass light fixture can give it an updated look for a few dollars.  Repainting an old wooden thrift store find can restore a piece of furniture, and make it your own. 
We had to keep the same thing in mind when we were house hunting for our first home. While we have never been afraid to roll up our sleeves and DIY, my husband and I had to make some agreements in advance on what we were, and weren't willing to renovate or DIY in our home.  This allowed us to see potential in homes that may not have been our dream home in their current condition.
The home we chose was a perfect example of this compromise.  There were features included that we were grateful to not have to DIY (stainless steel appliances, dark hard wood floors, Carrara marble countertops for example)... however, there were a few things that could have possibly scared us away had we not seen the potential through it. In the coming months, I will highlight some of the transformations we made in our house to bring it closer to the dream home we imagine.
One of the first things we did upon moving in was schedule an exterior paint job.  If you know me, you know I am not a fan of the mainstream, neutral earth-tones.  I am much more a fan of dramatic extremes with pops of a bright or bold color, and to me, neutral is gray (not brown).  So it was almost too much for me to get around the lack of curb appeal our home had with a drab brown and beige exterior paint palette.  But I am grateful that I didn't let that get in the way of all the great features the interior had (see above).  Here is our before and after with the exterior paint.  Let me know if you agree that it increased the curb appeal of our house!

I suppose it also doesn't hurt that the grass is green and the trees are blooming in the "after" pictures! ;)

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