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Friday Faves: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips


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This Friday Faves review is a long time a-comin.'  I have been addicted to Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips for almost two years now.  I first noticed them when a friend was wearing the zebra striped ones.  I thought she had Minx nails (a good $55 an application - but allowed for some really cool colors and patterns, and lasted up to two weeks without chipping).  Turns out they were instead a product that cost between $8.50-9.50, which also didn't chip and could be easily applied and purchased at any drug store.  I had to give them a try - what was there to lose?  It is cheaper than a manicure.

Upon first use, I was hooked.  Not only were they ridiculously easy to apply, but they did not have any dry time, making them much more fool-proof and convenient to use than regular nail polish.  Since they are made out of real nail polish (even though they are sticker-like strips), they apply nicely and professionally, and come off easily with nail polish remover.  While these traits are awesome enough, I haven't even mentioned my two favorite aspects! 

First, they really do last 10 days to two weeks without chipping (usually just very minimal wear of the color on the tips by the end of the stretch)!  For someone who had given up on manicures and fingernail color in general because I was sick and tired of having chips in two days after all the effort of doing your nails, this was an absolute revelation.  A busy mom of two with a full-time job now does not have to have chipped, or in my case, bare nails!

Second, you can choose from all sorts of awesome patterns and colors.  I became known as the girl with the cool nails around my office, because every week or two I had a really detailed pattern on my nails (my favorites are leopard, zebra, giraffe, snake, houndstooth, fishnet, argyle), or a really bright or bold color.  They are even staying on trend currently by offering ombre color/patterns and colored French tip strips.
My current fave Salon Effects Strips, The Bold Rush, along with my
preffered clear top coat, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails UV Top Coat
All of this awesomeness for just $8.50-9.50 a box!  A box, by the way will easily accommodate two manicures, however, if you learn how to be frugal with your strips (using both ends of the long strips), I have found that I can do two full manicures AND pedicures with each box!  A piece of advice though: these do not have a long shelf life.  You will not be able to use the strips from an opened packet (there are two packets in each box) after a few days, as they will dry out.  Similarly, even sealed packets do not last a terribly long time on the shelf, so do not stock up on boxes.  I just get one or two boxes at a time as needed.  Also, I recommend finishing with a clear top coat (my preffered is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails UV Top Coat) to add some shine and additional protection to help the strips last.

That is my heartfelt recommendation of this product!  Give it a try, and I promise you will not be disappointed as they are really easy to do (difficult to mess up), cheap, fun, and long-lasting!

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