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Friday Faves: Moby Infant and Baby Wrap

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I had a sling wrap with my first baby, which worked out nicely when I needed to use two hands to do something.  While my baby liked it sometimes, he did not seem to always like it.  This time around, I decided to try the Moby Wrap, as I had some mommy friends who really loved it and swore by it. 

The Moby became a product I used daily (and even used by my husband on occasion - though he is also a fan of our Ergo Baby Sport baby carrier, which is another great product).  It acts as both a baby carrier (yay, I can do things with both hands while still holding my little bean tightly against me) as well as a swaddler of sorts for my newborn, as it cradles him nice and tightly against me in a fetal position.  Sawyer loved it, and would become comforted almost instantly when in it up against my chest.  And for me, I got to rest my arms a bit, or use my arms while still holding my little one. I also feel that it is pretty ergonimic (moreso than the sling), as it doesn't hurt my back, and actually allows me a decent workout as I move about with my baby on me.  I also feel like it is even safer for the infant than the sling, as I can more easily see his head and adjust him.

I have the chocolate one pictured above, and wish it came in the option of more patterns.  I am sure they will add more over time, as these things are awesome!

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