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Friday Faves: Rock n' Play Sleeper

My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper, Photo Source:

Now that I have resumed blogging, I am happy to resume my Friday Faves series.  This series is a means for me to highlight and review some of my favorite products, recipes, services, etc.  Since I have spent the good part of the last year raising the latest addition to our family, 11 month old Sawyer Rhys, I have been grateful to have found a few baby products that made our lives so much easier.  I will share my top picks each Friday.  Here is the first!

This product has officially been a lifesaver.  The Newborn Rock n' Play Sleeper was not around when Grayson was an infant (Grayson is now THREE, BTW - where has the time gone?!).  Thankfully, G was not as "high need" as S was.  Thinking I knew everything about raising babies after having had one (moms of more than one kids can feel free to snicker at that assumption), I expected them to be exactly the same.  Boy was I wrong on so many levels!  One of the main ways in which they differed is that S could not be put down.  Ever.  He even had to sleep in our arms.  We tried the tricks we were aware of, including purchasing white noise machines and a vibrating chair.  A friend of a baby younger than my first told me about this, after which several mommy friends chimed in with their personal experience, or what they heard from others, about the Rock n' Play.

It worked for Sawyer from the moment I unpacked it.  He actually took a nap NOT in someone's arms.  The way it's built makes the baby feel cradled, and if they kick or stir, their own motion causes it to rock them gently.  Saywer ended up sleeping in it for months, until he became too strong to safely stay in it without trying to climb or roll out.  When we discovered this, it changed everything, and I had to share it with you.  If you are still expecting, put this on your registry.  If you have a challenging or high need newborn like we did, go get it at your nearest baby or department store now.  Don't wait any longer!

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