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Friday Faves: Boppy Nursing Pillow

As I said last Friday, I tried out some new baby products while with my second newborn this last year.  I found a few great ones that I don't know how I lived without last time, and will be highlighting them in the next few Friday Faves blog posts.  Now, I'd like to share my review on the Boppy pillow.

Boppy Bare Naked Pillow, $29.99, Photo Source:

I didn't have a Boppy pillow with my first baby, but thought I would try it this time around.  It got so much use that I feel silly for not having it the first time!  It is great for nursing, as it wraps around your waist and allows you to rest your arms cradling the baby on top at the perfect nursing height. I am embarassaed to say that last time I had to prop like three regular pillows around me (some folded) to make a half-ass version of what this pillow does automatically.  Not only can you use it for nursing, but as baby grows you can use it as a tummy-time aid, and as a way to help prop baby into a seated position.  It is easily one of my favorite baby products now.

My one complaint is that I was not a big fan of the patterns of Boppy brand pillow covers.  Therefore I got the Bare Naked pillow (without slipcover), and then purchased a custom, more fashionable slipcover on Etsy.  I chose this chic gray and white chevron-striped version below (which looks even better IRL, and has a soft minky gray backing):

Chevron-Striped Boppy Cover from Etsy Seller Designs-By-Christie

I figured that if I am resigned to have baby products all over my home for the forseeable future, at least I will have them match my home decor!

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