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Orange and Grey Baby Quilt

You guys may remember my Burnt Orange and Charcoal Grey Nursery. Well I recently got an email from a reader in Strathmore, Alberta, Canada who is expecting their first grandchild any day now. Their daughter was inspired by my nursery decor, and so they made an amazing orange and grey baby quilt that matches the nursery decor to a T. Check it out:

Thanks so much for sharing this with me Gwen, and congratulations to you and your family on your new bundle of joy!!

For anyone else who was inspired by the orange and gray nursery decor with the circular motif, I also recommend these custom baby announcements (which could also make nice baby shower invitations:

These were custom designed and created for me by The Cheshire Kat Designs based on my nursery theme. They can now be purchased here in a number of different color schemes.

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