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Friday Faves: Luvs Diapers

I know its been crazy long since I've posted. But work has been crazy, I do have the young baby, and on top of it all I was stuck on a month-long trial at jury duty.

Quick post to get back into the groove, and thought I'd do a Friday Fave. This week is a quick ode to my favorite diaper, Luvs.

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Having my first baby (now 10-months old) and being on a budget has led me to test out several different brands. We LOVE Luvs diapers. Not only are they much cheaper than the other big brands (hardly more than your store generic brands), but in my personal experience, their regular diaper's leak protection has beaten even the top brands' special nighttime or long-hour leak protection. If you can keep your baby asleep without having to worry about changing a diaper in the middle of the night or early AM leakage, that means easier sleeping through the night (which in turn means more rested and happy mommies and daddies).

We <3 Luvs and we (and our wallets) are happy to keep using them. Thanks Luvs for making such an effective product without charging an arm and a leg!

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