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Friday Faves: Kettle Brand Jalapeno Chips

Photo courtesy of the Kettle Chips online store.

Today's Friday Faves post is an ode to the best.chips.ever. I love me some jalapeno flavored chips, so always try new brands' versions of them to compare. Previously, Miss Vickie's were my favorite. That was until I saw that the delectable Kettle Brand chip company came out with a new flavor: none other than jalapano!

This chip is seriously addictive. It is not only my favorite flavor of the Kettle Brand chips (even better than Buffalo Bleu, IMO), but is by FAR the best jalapeno chip out there. It has a kick of spice, the great crunch that Kettle Brand chips are famous for, and some kind of devilish blend of flavor seasonings that sets it apart from other jalapeno flavored chips. The seasoning I think is the key, but beware because they are highly addictive. It is dangerous for me to have them in the house, because my husband and I can literally kill an entire full-sized bag in MINUTES.

Give it a try, you will not be disappointed! Click here for more info from the manufacturer.

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