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Hot Fall Look - Fashion Advice for the Busy Woman

Here's a hot fall look I love (tho not preggo-belly friendly):

Fall Fashion Tip: Versace Cutout-Back Gown
Versace Cutout-Back Gown

With these pretties:

Manolo Blahnik Snakeskin Button Sandal
Manolo Blahnik Snakeskin Button Sandal

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Friday Faves: Twilight

Today's Friday Faves post is dedicated to my love of the Twilight books and movies. First, let me explain how it all started.

Having heard some of the usual stereotypey complaints, I wasn't initially interested in reading the books. However, a few friends of mine (Mia, Dani, Mel, and Julie) recommended I give it a try, as they know I am a hopeless romantic and felt that I would like it. Combine that with the hype of the first movie, and I decided to give it a go, buying eBooks for the entire series (didn't want to invest in the books until I knew I'd like them - though now I have the entire set in hardback, of course). One weekend, I sat and read Twilight, and fell absolutely in love with Bella and Edward's romance. I decided to read Midnight Sun next, which gave me a nice Edward POV transition into the next books. Even though I was already smitten as soon as Edward said "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb," I was completely hooked after seeing one of the most romantic lines I have ever seen in Midnight Sun: "her existence was excuse enough to justify the creation of the entire world." Dead. Completely gone. Over the course of one week, I could not stop reading the rest of the saga, even staying up late on work nights until I had them all finished, and owned the DVD of the first movie. I went from skeptic one day, to Comic Con pass-carrying fangirl who can't wait for the slightest glimpses of the next two movies being filmed.