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Pillsbury "simply" Cookies - A worthy cooking shortcut for balance in your busy life

Fab Everyday product review: Pillsbury Simply Cookies
Photo source: Pillsbury

Since I make dinner from scratch every night, I sometimes want to be a lazy cook.  But since I am used to that home-cooked taste, I don't want to sacrifice taste for the ease of ready-made items.  Shortcuts = balance in the life of a busy mom who still wants to live fabulously.  This is why I am so happy that I discovered Pillsbury "simply" cookies, and why I am sharing them in today's Friday Faves post.

They are ready-to-bake cookies that taste like they are homemade.  Seriously!  It is because they are made with all natural ingredients (the same you would use for baking cookies yourself: butter, eggs, flour, etc.).  My husband and I through down the whole batch like it was nothing, as they were addictively good.

I will definitely buy these again!  What shortcuts do you use in the kitchen to save yourself time and stress?

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