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Big Sur Coastal Drive Stops - Essential Itinerary for a Road Trip on California's Pacific Coast Highway

Essential Itinerary for a Road Trip through Big Sur on PCH

Big Sur is one of my favorite things about California, and possibly even the entire United States. It has been called "the greatest meeting of land and sea," and from my experience, I have yet to find a meeting of land and sea that was more spectacular. An unbelievably pristine coastline on one side, and a barely touched ancient redwood forest on the other side make this coastal drive a sensory treat. It is so beautiful, so magical, that you can not believe you are still in California, or that you have not seen it before.

I have a few must-see stops when driving up the California coast through Big Sur that I always recommend to friends, so I thought I'd document them here in this week's Travel Tuesday blog post. Here they are for you to experience for yourself. This is done from Los Angeles to Monterey, so if you are doing this from the north (San Francisco south for example), you just need to reverse the bullets. You may want to print a map too so that you can gage how far you might be between stops. I like this map here (also displayed below).


What to do in Tombstone, AZ: The 7 things you MUST see

Lester Moore's grave at Boothill graveyard in Tombstone, AZ

The hubs and I are big fans of the movie Tombstone. We can probably quote the entire movie, no joke.  Doc Holliday is just one of the coolest that ever was (I'm your huckleberry).  We thought it'd be a fun long-weekend getaway to drive to Arizona for a camping trip and visit to Tombstone.  What to do in Tombstone, AZ?  Since Tombstone is small, it is very easy to do a walking tour, as most major historic sites are within a few blocks of each other.  Today I am sharing the seven things you can't miss when traveling to Tombstone.

What to do in Tombstone, Arizona - Fab Everyday Travel

Here are my recommendations for what to do and places to see in Tombstone, Arizona:


Fab easy DIY decor idea from Paper Source

Image Source: Paper Source blog

I just discovered the Paper Source blog, and am hooked. Check out this article for an example of why this blog is so cool: Easy Home Décor Ideas: Recycled Vases. In the post, you'll find out how to do this with nothin' but fabulous paper and recycled household trash!


DIY Savannah Walking Ghost Tour - The 12 Most Haunted Places in Savannah

DIY free Savannah walking ghost tour

Following up from last week's Travel Tuesday post with an itinerary for a long weekend in Savannah, today I am detailing out the free DIY walking ghost tour the hubs and I did during our trip to Savannah. This information was found by some Google research and Google mapping. Some of the descriptive content below was obtained from a Citysearch listing of the Top Haunted Spots of Savannah.

Savannah is hailed as America's most haunted city. Even if you don't believe in this kind of thing, this is a great way to see Savannah's amazing homes, beautiful squares, and incredible architecture. These are also all historical spots, so why not do this free walking ghost tour at least for the sake of exploring this city's rich and long history?