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Express Editor Pant - the perfect pant for the busy working woman

Fab Everyday fashion tips for the working mom: Express Editor pant
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For today's Friday Faves, I am expressing my love for Express Editor Pants.

These are seriously the best. pants. ever. I own them in several different colors and fabrics for work slacks, a few different denim forms (wide and skinny leg, and in a few different colors), and in various forms of crop. They fit perfectly and are very flattering, with flares in just the right places, and a waist high enough to smooth out the flaws. Versatile and comfortable, I can not get enough Editor pants.

Another plus is that Express tends to have sizing in different pant lengths too (short, regular, or long), which is a dream for those tall skinny girls who can never find pants long enough, or those short curvy girls (ahem, me) who always have to get their pants altered. Yay for Express and their fabulous slacks.

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