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Spring Trend Preview has a great Spring Trend Preview (click this link) that I thought I'd share. Now's a great time to get a head start on your spring wardrobe with this helpful guide to spring, shopping looks like assymetry, boy cut jackets, and a touch of boho. On the site you can find pretties such as these:

On a budget (like me)? Take a look at these spring fashion-inspired items (similar to looks found on eLuxury's Spring Trend Preview) for these cheaper:

Silk Chiffon Rose Dress
$79.99 (on sale), Express

Foliage and Fowl Sheer Top
$22.80, Forever 21

Also good news for us budgeters: looks like our T-strap flat sandals from last summer will still pass! I have been seeing a lot of T-strap flats in the spring ads.

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