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Easy DIY napkin ring ideas for your Thanksgiving table decor

Easy DIY Thanksgiving table decor - Fab Everyday

I am all about easy DIY décor ideas, especially cheap table setting ideas that bring more fabulousness to a holiday table.  We're all busy, so quick and easy, but high-impact DIY projects are my absolute favorite finds.  I made the cutest easy DIY Thanksgiving napkin rings from Martha Stewart (I love Martha!) this year for my Thanksgiving table.  I just loved the way they turned out, and am excited because I just found a new Martha Stewart DIY napkin ring idea to try out next (see below).

Here are my DIY tissue paper flower napkin rings from this Thanksgiving:

Easy DIY napkin ring idea for Thanksgiving

I just made the mini versions of these and wrapped the wire around the napkin to secure them:

Easy DIY tissue paper napkin ring idea
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You can also use this method to make tissue paper poms for chic DIY party décor, or even a DIY designer-style Christmas wreath.  The look of the flowers can be customized as well by cutting the tips more round (for a fluffier mum-style look) or more pointy (for a more dahlia-like look).  Get the original instructions from Martha Stewart here.

Here is the newest DIY napkin ring idea I just saw today, using ribbons to make a similar DIY floral napkin ring:

Easy DIY napkin ring
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I can't wait to give these ones a try next!  This looks like a simple way to incorporate a pop of color for any holiday table (the mint pictured above would be pretty for Easter table décor, wouldn't it?).  It's also a great way to use up some of that random ribbon you have in your craft closet.  Get the instructions from Martha Stewart here.

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