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Easy DIY napkin ring ideas for your Thanksgiving table decor

Easy DIY Thanksgiving table decor - Fab Everyday

I am all about easy DIY décor ideas, especially cheap table setting ideas that bring more fabulousness to a holiday table.  We're all busy, so quick and easy, but high-impact DIY projects are my absolute favorite finds.  I made the cutest easy DIY Thanksgiving napkin rings from Martha Stewart (I love Martha!) this year for my Thanksgiving table.  I just loved the way they turned out, and am excited because I just found a new Martha Stewart DIY napkin ring idea to try out next (see below).

Here are my DIY tissue paper flower napkin rings from this Thanksgiving:

Easy DIY napkin ring idea for Thanksgiving


Why The Nest is Fabulous

Fabulous black, white, and pink bedroom decor
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Many of you know how much I swore by The Knot when wedding planning. Well, I have recently fallen in love with The Nest (the version of The Knot for newlyweds/married hags)... but not for the same reasons. I don't use The Nest for the social networking aspects, but instead for the great advice and tips, like decorating, recipes, relationship advice, financial advice, etc.

The decorating advice has been my fave. Just like The Knot has pages and pages of pictures of wedding décor details in all styles and color schemes, The Nest has pages and pages of pictures of décor details by room, color scheme, etc. Here are some fabulous black & white décor ideas (and for those of you that know me, you know how much I'm into the black & white right now - esp. if there is damask involved).